Counted Blessings Project

This is where I will chronicle my progress in the Counting My Blessings (a group stitch along project). We will all be embroidering 100 one inch squares with examples of how we are blessed. When trying to figure out a name for this blog I came across the Cherokee Blessing which is under my blog title. I thought is was so beautiful and since my husband and our son are part Cherokee and I count them both as the blessings I am most grateful for it seemed natural. I am new at embroidery and excited to see how it all unfolds!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

5-Otis the Cat

This is Otis the cat. He used to be Opal but much to our surprise when we took him to the vet to get shots and fixed the vet asked why we called the cat Opal. Thinking it was a strange thing to ask I replied "cause I like the name". The vet clarified by asking why a girls name and I answered cause it's a girl cat. "Well no it isn't" replied the vet! Seems that part of kitty's business had not quite dropped in place so we thought he was a she. Come to find out this is not all that uncommon. So we changed her name to Otis and she became he. He has one beautiful green eye and one blue one. He is a sweet cat who likes to lounge on our dog Angel like a pillow. In fact when Otis was still Opal and a kitten Angel used to carry her around in her mouth like the kitty was one of her pups. I think she really thinks she is the cats mom...but it works out because Otis thinks so too.


  1. What a beautiful looking cat. Our Lacey started out as J. Pierpont Tigger but when we found out he was a she I changed it to a lady-like name. Tigger was just to masculine for me.

  2. hi Jude,
    how are you doing , hope you had a great weekend .
    i am amazed at the bonding of Otis and Angel.
    love knows no barriers .

  3. I had to laugh too - Mom's cat was Emma until Dad noticed 'she' had too many parts to be a she and Emma became Emmet. I missed your wedding blessing. But, I understand booking the church asap! Glad to see you are still in this!

    Smiles - Denise

  4. Hi Jude! Love how you stitched your kitty so cute as you did!!.. And I'm glad you're clear on what the little guy is now!! (0; We have a boy cat too, who just had a trip to the vet. He's still a boy, but he's a very FAT boy!! It turns out we have to change his food, and feed him less of it. What's more, I have to admit, my cat has me very well trained, and I DON'T think he's gonna like this!!.. not one bit!! (0; Wish me luck!

    Have a good night, and a great weekend! ~tina