Counted Blessings Project

This is where I will chronicle my progress in the Counting My Blessings (a group stitch along project). We will all be embroidering 100 one inch squares with examples of how we are blessed. When trying to figure out a name for this blog I came across the Cherokee Blessing which is under my blog title. I thought is was so beautiful and since my husband and our son are part Cherokee and I count them both as the blessings I am most grateful for it seemed natural. I am new at embroidery and excited to see how it all unfolds!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Drawing and Outlining My Squares

I followed Amy's idea on her Counted Blessings Blog and drew the grid on my fabric with a ruler which was one inch wide. I used a transfer pencil that will come out with water in case I made a mistake. Now I am going to stitch all the squares in black using a back stitch. This way there is no worry that my squares will start to fade and I will loose the lines. I plan on finding an ornate old frame which I will paint black so thought the black floss would look nice.


  1. Cool, I'm also participating with the stitchalong although I'm a total beginner and using this project as a way to learn! I need to get stitching on my squares...eek!
    linda from

  2. Linda, I am a beginner too. This is my first project other than a few small things here and there. There are some great tutorials on stitches on several different blogs so we should have fun!

  3. I think your idea to use the transfer pencil is a great one. My hubby who knows nothing about stitching except that I am always doing it (big smile) even asked me why in the world I marked my fabric with a regular pen! Hahaha...I told him so I could see the lines! But he seemed to know this wasn't a good idea because it would probably show! Oh my....
    I also love your idea for using a black frame! What a great idea!