Counted Blessings Project

This is where I will chronicle my progress in the Counting My Blessings (a group stitch along project). We will all be embroidering 100 one inch squares with examples of how we are blessed. When trying to figure out a name for this blog I came across the Cherokee Blessing which is under my blog title. I thought is was so beautiful and since my husband and our son are part Cherokee and I count them both as the blessings I am most grateful for it seemed natural. I am new at embroidery and excited to see how it all unfolds!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still Stitching my grid!


Now it will be easier to trace onto my square

Almost done, one more day and my grid will be all outlined. I am glad I stitched it first because the lines are already fading and they would really be difficult to see after a week or so but geeez, I thought I could knock it out in about 3 days. It has taken me over a week and lots more floss than I thought. I am so excited to get started stitching my blessings. I have been working on ideas and the first 2o or so are pretty easy to come up with but then it gets a little more difficult. I found a tutorial that shows how to take a photo and turn it into a line drawing so that way I can transfer it to my squares (from the transfer tutorial that Amy has on her site Early Bird Special. ) I don't draw well so this will be a big help. The first one I transformed is a pic of my dog, Angel. If anyone wants the instructions let me know as it is really easy.


  1. gorgeous pup!!!!
    we too have a white german shepherd, Samson who turns 9 this month.
    the best, most beautiful dogs ever.

    and great idea about the transfering by changing the pic to a line drawing.. huh. thanks for the tip.

    have a blessed day!


  2. That is going to be a great block! And I love the idea of using the line drawing to. Super idea :) I finally finished my first block today *grin*. It took me a little longer than I thought to finish the grid. Hopefully it'll go quicker now :) Have a fabulous weekend!