Counted Blessings Project

This is where I will chronicle my progress in the Counting My Blessings (a group stitch along project). We will all be embroidering 100 one inch squares with examples of how we are blessed. When trying to figure out a name for this blog I came across the Cherokee Blessing which is under my blog title. I thought is was so beautiful and since my husband and our son are part Cherokee and I count them both as the blessings I am most grateful for it seemed natural. I am new at embroidery and excited to see how it all unfolds!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st Blessing!

Well I haven't finished outlining all my squares but just couldn't wait to get started! My first blessing is the sunrise which I see outside my bedroom window every morning. Although I am not a morning person once I do get moving I love to sit outside and look out over the hills which surround our house and start the day with prayer, meditation and gratitude for all that is possible.


  1. And she's off!.. Hooray! LOVE your first square!.. And hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend! ~tina

  2. What a FANTASTIC way to start your Blessings . . this is one beautiful square. I can't wait to see what your others will look like.


  3. This is a great square! I've been keeping a list of blessings and sunrise is on it! Yours has given me ideas on how to do it.


  4. hi.
    beautiful start.I enjoy early morning walk and watch till sunrises ,as and when work and time permits.
    and good to read about your quilting class too.
    I look forward for your other blessings too ,
    thank you for visitng me and leaving your views .

  5. Lovely sunrise! I'm a night person too, but I only rarely get to see the sunrise (sometimes just before I go to bed!), I but I love to see it when I do. Beautifully done!